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Preventative Care/Wellness

Preventative Care/Wellness

At Village Veterinary Hospital, our approach to veterinary care is to establish overall good health and prevent illness. We want to catch issues before they become a significant problem. We recommend annual wellness visits for both dogs and cats, and we emphasize preventative medicine, dental care, and nutrition and. We address any questions or concerns you have about your pet. While we recommend that all pets visit us at least once a year, more frequent exams can help prevent disease and chronic problems, especially in older animals.

To do that, we recommend regular wellness and preventive care, which includes:

  • Annual Exams:  At a wellness exam, our veterinarian will assess your pet’s physical health from nose to tail and perform a diagnostic work-up, which can also include blood, fecal, and urine screenings.
  • Routine Dental Care: Dental disease is the number one diagnosed health problem in dogs and cats across America. We will closely monitor your pet’s oral health, give you the information and tools to provide preventative care.
  • Parasite Prevention: Parasites can cause significant disease in your pet and potentially death. All pets are at risk for fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites and can be transmitted to your human family as well. Regular screening is a must, and we offer many options for parasite prevention.