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Emergency & Urgent Care

Emergency & Urgent Care

Health problems, injuries, and illness can happen quickly and many need immediate attention. Your pet eats something he shouldn’t…is suddenly sick…or traumatically injured. Don’t wait!

    Village Vet takes Urgent & Emergency visits for all of our existing clients


    When your pet urgently needs to see a veterinarian, Village Veterinary Hospital offers quality emergency and urgent care. We have a veterinarian and staff on duty who are trained and equipped to handle any emergency your pet has.

    Urgent Care

    When a condition is not life-threatening but still can’t wait for an appointment, urgent care is available as well, and our staff will work with you to get your pet seen as soon as possible. If you ever feel your pet needs emergency or urgent care, don’t hesitate to call or come in immediately. Our number is 209-951-5180.

    While we understand you may not always be able to call in advance, if you are able to do so it will help our staff be prepared for your pet’s arrival so the animal gets needed medical care that much quicker.

    Signs your pet may need emergency care:

    • Pale gums
    • Rapid breathing
    • Weak or rapid pulse
    • Change in body temperature
    • Difficulty standing
    • Apparent paralysis
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Seizures
    • Excessive bleeding

    If you think your pet has eaten something poisonous:

    Call us, or if after hours, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435. Trained toxicologists will consider the age and health of your pet, what was ingested, and then make a recommendation about what action should be taken.